What I learnt from The Social Network ??

Here are my take aways from The Social Network, a real life story of how facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg:

  1. There is no right time to start. Anytime you start is a right time.
  2. No matter how difficult name you have, people will definitely learn to pronounce it and remember it.
  3. Neither every techy has to be business minded nor every business guy has to be techy.
  4. You can win the race being a rabbit too. Just that you are not allowed to sleep in the race.
  5. Work and life go hand in hand. You cannot keep one idle for the other.
  6. Every business idea is a successful idea. Just that, it needs to be executed rightly.
  7. You do need to have a vision for whatever you do. facebook had a vision of connecting people in a network and making the world a more open place.
  8. You just don’t do anything for free, because everything has a value and you time too has some value.
  9. If you don’t want to make money, never call what you do a business.
  10. Numbers are fun, use them as much as possible. 🙂
  11. When something strikes a chord in your head, and you feel its might work and makes sense. JUST DO IT!

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Where do ideas come from?

Here’s what Seth Godin has to say about where will you find the best ideas!

  1. Ideas don’t come from watching television
  2. Ideas sometimes come from listening to a lecture
  3. Ideas often come while reading a book
  4. Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them
  5. Ideas hate conference rooms, particularly conference rooms where there is a history of criticism, personal attacks or boredom
  6. Ideas occur when dissimilar universes collide
  7. Ideas often strive to meet expectations. If people expect them to appear, they do
  8. Ideas fear experts, but they adore beginner’s mind. A little awareness is a good thing
  9. Ideas come in spurts, until you get frightened. Willie Nelson wrote three of his biggest hits in one week
  10. Ideas come from trouble
  11. Ideas come from our ego, and they do their best when they’re generous and selfless
  12. Ideas come from nature
  13. Sometimes ideas come from fear (usually in movies) but often they come from confidence
  14. Useful ideas come from being awake, alert enough to actually notice
  15. Though sometimes ideas sneak in when we’re asleep and too numb to be afraid
  16. Ideas come out of the corner of the eye, or in the shower, when we’re not trying
  17. Mediocre ideas enjoy copying what happens to be working right this minute
  18. Bigger ideas leapfrog the mediocre ones
  19. Ideas don’t need a passport, and often cross borders (of all kinds) with impunity
  20. An idea must come from somewhere, because if it merely stays where it is and doesn’t join us here, it’s hidden. And hidden ideas don’t ship, have no influence, no intersection with the market. They die, alone.

My Takeaway’s from the Startup Saturday

Hey Folks!! I’m just back attending the Startup Saturday “Starfish Edition” held at Globsyn Business School, Sector V, Kolkata. We saw tremendous energy in the event and some really mind-boggling and insightful discussions. Here are my takeaways from the event:

  • Do everything to survive and keep developing one core competency.
  • Do those short term projects which align with your long term goals of your startup!
  • Do not lose focus ever.
  • Keep a ratio in mind if you have a service based Start-up that you have to spend 10-20% of your time in building up a product.
  • Branding just doesn’t happen online. Brand offline to build up brand recognition.
  • What is the most expensive thing in your organization?
    – The CEO’s Mind!! (Pallav Nadhani)

Topics Discussed:

  1. Focus
  2. Product V/s Services
  3. Brand
  4. Vit-IM
  5. Source Good Talent
  6. Task/ Deadline Management
  7. Fun @ Office

It was amazing to hear insights from Abhishek Rungta, Pallav Nadhai, Sumit and many more guys !! Cya in the next edition of #SSKol